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Professional Aerial LiDAR And Remote Sensing Services And Solutions

FeatherLong Aerial provides best-in-class, survey-as-a-service for bringing the latest in efficient aerial sensor systems and cloud-based processing to your survey needs. We are fully insured, FAA-certified drone aviators, geophysicists and geospatial engineers providing you end-to-end high-quality solutions.

Solutions Overview


Planimetric Solutions

❖ Job site management

❖ Topology management

❖ Support for all CAD tools

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Hydrology Solutions

❖ Water Mgmt

❖ Flood planning

❖ Irrigation

❖ Erosion


Surveyor Solutions

❖ Standard Survey

❖ 2D/3D Mapping

❖ Terrain Identification

❖ Hillside/slope analysis

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MultiSpectral Solutions

❖ Vegetation Health and Status

❖ Fire Damage Assessment

❖ Earthen stabiltiy


Vegetation Encroachment Solutions

❖ Powerline Vegitation Encroachment

❖ Right of way supervision

❖ Storm damage assessments

❖ Vegetation mgmt

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SLAM Solutions

❖ GPS inhibited areas

❖ Internal building structures

Detailed transmission tower and power line inspections with corridor vegetation encroachment analysis

Commercial drone flight planning and precision Ground Control Point (GCP) operations

3D terrain modeling, hillside shading, high-definition contour and drainage analysis

Aerial drone acquired data with full feature extraction including shape file production and terrain contours


About FLA

FLA is a family-owned company that started from the love of the land. We have paired the expertise of our team in aviation, geophysics, and engineering to provide our customers with revolutionary technology at an affordable price. Our mission is to help preserve the land by enabling better management of its valuable resources. 

As A Team, We Take A Full Enterprise Approach To Survey Services:

❖ FAA Part 107 certified drone aviators that are experienced, safety conscious, and fully insured.

❖ Geophysics and Geospatial engineers with in-depth understanding of complex geology, advanced analysis capabilities, quality assurance with multi-data source comparisons, and extensive use of geospatial CAD tools with a wide variety of output formats.

❖ Customer service and delivery with cloud-based processing allows FLA to offer a cost-effective approach to survey services post processing.  Our infrastructure is completely scalable and can accommodate expedited results when needed. 

Our Process:

❖ Fully defined and transparent process to keep you in the know at all times.

❖ Personalized onboarding. 

❖ Pre-flight 4D simulation of planned survey (proactive risk reduction).

❖ Automated email notifications on process updates.

❖ Complete quality and accuracy reports.

Our Project Workflow

1. Onboarding & Project Coordination

❖ Overall project requirements

❖ Area of Interest map review

❖ Ground Control Points (GCPs) establishment

❖ Constraints review (Airspace restrictions, object avoidance, regulatory & permit requirements)

❖ Scheduling

❖ Work Order generation and invoice pricing

4. Solution Processing & Quality Assurance

❖ Production of ordered solutions

❖ Cloud-based process with optional expedited delivery

❖ Quality assurance with multi-dataset correlation and GCP measurements

❖ Accuracy report generation

2 . OnSite Collection

❖ Certified & insured pilots

❖ Onsite project coordination

❖ Site access

❖ Weather considerations

❖ Onsite pre- & post-flight debriefs

5. Post Processing Review

❖ Virtual online review of complete delivery order solutions

❖ Validation of ordered delivery formats

3. Initial Post Flight Collection Review

❖ Virtual (or possible in-person at site) collection review

❖ Colorized point cloud fly through

❖ GCP  review

6. Final Delivery

❖ Personalized & secure web site access to final delivery product download

❖ Optional hard copy (DVD) data delivery

❖ Final Invoice

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