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Professional Aerial LiDAR And Remote Sensing Services And Solutions

FeatherLong Aerial provides best-in-class, remote sensing services. Bringing the latest in efficient aerial sensor systems and cloud-based processing to your project needs. We are fully insured, FAA-certified drone aviators, geophysicists and geospatial engineers providing you end-to-end high-quality solutions.

Solutions Overview

Akers Planimetrics #2_edited.jpg

Planimetric Solutions

❖ Job site management

❖ Topology management

❖ Support for all CAD tools


Tree Managment Solutions 

❖ Accurate and Efficient Inventories 

❖ Digital Twin Archive 

❖ Change Over Time Evaluation

Akers contor Lines #4.png

Topographic Solutions

❖ 2D/3D Mapping

❖ Terrain Identification

❖ Hillside/Slope Analysis

❖ Land Slide Evaluations 

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Multi Spectral Solutions 

❖ Forest Managment 

❖ Tree health

❖ Fire damage assessment 

Vegitation #2.png

Vegetation Encroachment Solutions

❖ Powerline Vegitation Encroachment

❖ Right of way supervision

❖ Storm damage assessments

❖ Vegetation management

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SLAM Solutions

❖ GPS inhibited areas

❖ Internal building structures

Commercial drone flight planning and precision Ground Control Point (GCP) operations

Detailed transmission tower and power line inspections with corridor vegetation encroachment analysis

Aerial drone acquired data with full feature extraction including shape file production and terrain contours

3D terrain modeling, hillside shading, high-definition contour and drainage analysis

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