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FLA Solutions

Planimetric Solutions

FLA Planimetric Solutions follows a fast, accurate pathway to move you from your LIDAR and Orthophoto imagery to selectable classified CAD layers for your next steps in your design process. Our process is flexible allowing area of interest (AOI) subsets within your dataset so that you pay for only the acreage data reduction you need. Our process employs an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (AI/ML) pre-process followed up by a hands-on, quality-controlled, human-in-the-loop finalization process to guarantee top quality and correct planimetric layer deliverables.


Planimetric Deliverables:


Over 100 possible layers, with custom symbology if needed, can be identified and named with the AOI datasets. As part of our up-front quote process, FLA will work with you to define the necessary deliverable layers you need for your project. Deliverables available in feet or meters, priced efficiently for the density of produced vectors from sparse rural to high-density urban environments.

Planimetric Output Formats:


LAZ compressed LIDAR data file

SHP file containing geometry data 

DBF attribute format file 

SHX shape index file 

PRJ project file 

DWG drawing file 

23 moon dense contours.png

Surveyor Solutions

FLA’s Surveyor Solutions delivers your aerial-acquired survey data for you to gain an accurate insight into your ground topography. Your data is first processed using a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) classification algorithm and is then converted to a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) format with contours applied in a variety of available intervals.


Available in units of feet or meters, contour intervals down to 0.1 meter with an optional breakline add on for enhanced accuracy of the surface and contours. Classification options are available in ground only, enhanced classification: ground, buildings, and high vegetation, and enhanced classification plus: ground, buildings, vegetation, roads, water, bridges, and transmission.

Surveyor Output Formats:

LAZ compressed LIDAR data file

SHP file containing geometry data 

DBF attribute format file 

SHX shape index file 

PRJ project file 

DEM in TIFF format

Accuracy Report in text file

Vegetation Encroachment Solutions

FLA’s drone-based vegetation encroachment solution provides a cost effective service that takes the powerline corridor point cloud and classifies any vegetation within the specified distances from an existing power conductor. This solution provides 3D polygons of the encroachments and conveniently catalogs the danger point locations for efficient remediation.

Vegetation Encroachment Deliverables:

Classified LAZ file (see table)

Danger point SHP file

Map display of danger points

Obstruction report in text file


Hydrology Solutions

FLA Hydrology Solutions deliver a hydro-flattened topographic DEM and contours where waterbodies have a single elevation and streams and rivers are flat bank-to-bank, with monotonic flow. Hydro-flattened data is delivered in accordance with the following parameters as defined in the USGS LIDAR Base Specification Guidelines.

Inland Ponds and Lakes with water bodies of 8,000 square meters (2 acres) or greater surface area at the time of collection will be flattened and are represented as a flat and level water surface with a single elevation for every bank vertex defining the water body’s perimeter.

Inland Streams and Rivers with of a 30-m (100-ft) nominal width are flattened and represented as a flat and level water surface from bank to bank, perpendicular to the apparent flow centerline and represented as a gradient downhill water surface.

Non-Tidal Boundary Waters regardless of size, are represented only as an edge or edges within the project with the entire water surface edges at or below the immediately surrounding terrain. The water surface elevation will be consistent throughout the project and classified as appropriate for the type of water body (level for lakes, a gradient for streams and rivers).

Tidal Waters bodies are defined as any water body that is affected by tidal variations, including oceans, seas, gulfs, bays, inlets, salt marshes, and large lakes.

Islands of 4,000 sq m (1 acre) or larger shall be delineated in all water bodies.

Hydrology Solutions Deliverables:

Ground Classified LAZ file

SHP file containing geometry data 

DBF attribute format file 

SHX shape index file

PRJ project file

DBF attribute format file

Hydro-flattened DEM in TIFF format

Accuracy Report in text file

Multispectral Solutions

FLA Multispectral Solutions are designed to provide immediate insights into plant health for vegetation management, agricultural crop health monitoring, forestry, fire analysis, drought, pest damage assessments, environmental monitoring, and more.

Post processing provides simultaneous high resolution RGB and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) imagery as well as Color Infrared (CIR), NDVI2, Normalized Difference Red Edge Index (NDRE), and Digital Surface Models (DSM) for easy visualization of healthy vegetation versus unhealthy vegetation and insight into your AOI's surface.


True color reflectance imagery over ponderosa pine rows

Multispectral Deliverables:

Flight path vector maps

Geospatial RGB and NDVI imagery

Advanced vegetation health imagery


NDVI displaying health of young ponderosa pines

SLAM Solutions

FLA’s SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) Solution uses the same sensor suite as our drone acquired data for building ground-based renderings and site surveys, further enhancing your ability to build a digital twin of your universe. The ground-based point cloud data may be stitched into your aerial point cloud or simply provide a digital standalone model. SLAM creates a point cloud when collecting in GPS denied environments.


LAZ compressed LIDAR data file

Accuracy Report in text file


✓ Architecture Studies

✓ Site Engineering and Design 

✓ Construction (planning and ongoing project management

✓ Damage Assessments and Mitigation (i.e., fire, flooding, natural disasters)

✓ Inspections and Quality Assessments 

✓ Code Enforcement

✓ Urban and Transportation Planning


✓ Survey
✓ Farming
✓ Ranching
✓ Agriculture
✓ Forestry
✓ Manufacturing
✓ Real Estate
✓ Insurance
✓ Energy
✓ Recreational
✓ Conservation


✓ US Geological Survey (USGS)

✓ US Forest Service (USFS)

✓ Bureau of Land management (BLM)

✓ Department of Transportation (State & Federal) (DOT)

✓ US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)

✓ US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

✓ US Department of Defense (US DoD)

✓ Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC)

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